Who can redeem points for IHG® One Rewards Access?
To participate in IHG® One Rewards Access, you must be an IHG® One Rewards member and age 18 years or older. Select prizes will be made available only to members holding specific membership levels (e.g., Platinum Elite, Diamond Elite). Also, select prizes will require members to be age 21 years or older and will be defined in the listing terms and conditions. Please note that your point balance will only be deducted if you are the winning bidder after the listing closes or you make a purchase using the “Redeem Now” feature.
Can I redeem for a reward if I live outside the United States?
Members residing outside the U.S. will be able to redeem for only select rewards and experiences due to local law and tax restrictions regarding fulfillment. These experiences will include “will-call” or digital assets for members to pick-up at the venue of the experience or include email instruction for finalizing redemption. There will be no mail delivery outside of the United States. Rewards that are not available for redemption by members residing outside the United States will be indicated on the product detail page.
How often are new rewards introduced onto IHG® One Rewards Access?
Rewards are regularly being added onto IHG® One Rewards Access. Members should come back frequently to the site to see what is new.
Is there a limit to how many rewards I can redeem for on IHG® One Rewards Access?
There is no limit to how many rewards you may win or purchase on IHG® One Rewards Access. Please note that if you are bidding or redeeming for multiple rewards at the same time, you must have sufficient points in your account to cover all bids.
What about the privacy of my information?
IHG® One Rewards is fully committed to protecting your right to privacy. Please read our Privacy Statement for details.
How do I log in?
You will need your IHG® One Rewards number and password/PIN to log in to the IHG® One Rewards Access site and redeem for rewards.
What do I do if I have lost my IHG® One Rewards number and/or forgotten my password/PIN?
To view your IHG® One Rewards account, visit and click on the IHG® One Rewards logo near the top right corner of the page. Click on the “Reset password” link and enter the email address associated with your account into the entry field. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
Where can I update my email address?
You can update your email address at Sign in with your IHG® One Rewards number and password, click on ‘My Account’ on the top navigation bar. Click on ‘Personal Information’ and you will be able to change your password and other personal information. Status of your rewards will be sent by email. It is important to have a valid email address in your IHG® One Rewards profile.
What is a “Redeem Now” reward?
Any reward with a “Redeem Now” button instead of “Bid Now” means the reward is being offered at a fixed amount of points, and in limited quantities. This is a “first come, first served” redemption opportunity. When the quantity available at the set point level has been redeemed, the reward will indicate it is sold out.
How do I Redeem Now?
Review the reward description on the listing page for any item that interests you. Once you have reviewed the reward description and are ready to redeem, hit “Redeem Now”. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log in with your IHG® One Rewards number and password. Now you can redeem for the reward. Points will automatically be deducted from your IHG® One Rewards account. An email confirming the reward will be sent to the email address you have in your IHG® One Rewards profile shortly thereafter.


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